T10 LED Tube Feature

  • 1. High transparent cover ensure the lowest loss, clear, strip and milky covers optional.
  • 2. Aluminum alloy tube body, no need to install ballast or starter and could match general fluorescent lamp base.
  • 3. Environment friendly, no ultraviolet and infrared radiation, no electormagnetic interference, do not contain mercury, lead or other harmfulelements.
  • 4. Imported low consumtion saving 70% and high efficiency SMD leds, high CRI and luminous flux, lifespan is up to 50000 hours.
  • 5. Built-in-constant current led driver ensure stability of the light, it could work efficiently under AC85 to AC265V catering to different countries, regions and incase of unstable power supply.

T10 LED Tube Features, Advantages and Benefits

SAVINGS 18W - 1800 luminous (70% power saving) 40watt - 1800 Luminous
LIFESPAN 30000Hrs and above (15 years and above) 2000Hrs (Maximum 2 years)
COST Reduction in annual Maintenance costs of between 70% to 90% Low maintenance Tubes can range from 950R to 1500R Starter and choke are many time repels Tubes can range from 250R to 450R
HEAT OUTPUT These tube do not cause heat build-up Temperature can be up to 2 degrees warmer under fluorescent tub
EFFICIENCY Low Temperature High Efficiency High Brightness Medium Efficiency Medum brightness
COMFORT No Flicker, Smaller Fixture, Fast Switching, Easy to Install, Power for any Location,Instant start, Requires no warm up, No loss of light at cold temprature, Silent running, Retro Fit, Easily Upgrade to Led Great Control, Manage your Lighting. Some time Flicker, Bix Fixture, Not Fast Switching, Not easy to install, Not Instant start, Some time voise create not a silent running, Not Upgrade.
MATERIAL Not used contain hazardous metals like mercury (No health problems, No UV and Heat Wave) Used contain mercury and phosphor. (some time Health Problems)
ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY Contains no mercury, Energy efficient, Eliminate disposal issues, Change for a Greener Future No Environment friendly

Packing Solution

Installation Instruction

  • 1. Cut off the power supply and remove fluorescent tube.
  • 2. Open fluorescent tube bracket cover, remove the starter and ballast.
  • 3. Joint ends of the two cable come out from the bracket which connected to power supply, put bracket cover back.
  • 4. Install the led tube to bracket and connect power supply.


  • Office Building
  • Factory
  • Superstore, Shop
  • Residential
  • Hospital, Parking Lot
  • Airport, School, College, University